University Dissertation - Computing the NDVI of Classified Trees - Final year project looking at wildfire prevention using Robotics and AI
   Part Author of a Published Paper - Robotics Use Case Scenarios - A paper I part authored about Robotics Use Case Scenarios currently available on Research Gate
   Accelerated Visual Sense using RealSense Lidar - Creating FPGA based AI face recogition using the RealSense Lidar from Intel
   Realsense Support for Kria KV260 PetaLinux 2021.1 - Adding support for Intel RealSense Camera Technology on the Kria KV260
   Xilinx KV260 -petalinux 2021.1 - Build Vitis AI Libraries - Installing Vitis AI Libraries through the PetaLinux toolchain
   Xilinx KV260 - Vitis-AI 1.4 Face Detection - Create a Face Detection Script for Vitis-AI 1.4
   Xilinx KV260 - Vitis-AI 1.4 Cattle Detection - Create a Cattle Detection Script for Vitis-AI 1.4
   Continous Integration Example using GTKMM and Gtest - Example showing how to use github actions in c++ for Continous Integration
   Automated ChatGPT LinkedIn Bot - An automated LinkedIn Bot that uses ChatGPT to post content related to chosen Tags
   Utilising Socket.IO For Real Time Data Visualisation using Node.js - Example showing to use Socket.IO for real time data visualisation
   Ender 3 V2 - Bed Mounted Raspberry Pi HQ Camera - A Raspberry Pi HQ Camera mount for the Ender3 V2