Life: New Beginnings

March 22, 2022    Xilinx Work FPGA

New Beginnings: A Brief Overview on Life

At the start of the year, I moved not only jobs but also industry spaces moving from Robotics and AI technology to the Medical Industry. Whilst it is still in the FPGA computer vision space it has been a huge learning curve for me.


Transitioning from Edge to Hosted

Moving from edge computing to hosted card-based technology, I underestimated the nuances that occur within PCIe transfer that you do not worry about using edge systems such as Kria.

The 7 series FPGAs has also given me a newfound respect for minimising my footprint with the way I implement my Verilog code. Not all FPGAS have limitless BRAM would you believe!

As the sole FPGA developer on the team I’ve been able to push my critical thinking, making me research the meaning behind specific protocols and transfer mechanisms. Allowing me to push my understanding of the inner workings of FPGAs.

Future Projects and Plans

I’m looking forward to updating this blog with future findings and analysis of my FPGA journey. This includes my entry into the Adaptive Computing Challenge which I am hoping to have finished by the end of the week!

I still hope to keep my foot in the door within the robotics and AI sector, so please feel free to contact me regarding cool projects. Especially now it’s my hobby!

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